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My name is James R. Williams Zavada.

I was first introduced to Information Technology in college, as a part of my Liberal Arts degree program. I took an Introduction to Computers class as a part of my math requirements, and I've been hooked ever since. I have been an Information Technology professional since 1989, when I started doing IT work to help pay my way through college. In 1995 I started my first full-time IT job, and am still going strong. It's in my blood and I'll be doing IT work until the day I die.

•  Pursuing excellence as a living reality.

Although I'm willing to do temporary fixes to get through an immediate and urgent crisis, I believe that if something is going to pass the test of time, quality is crucial. I prefer to do it right the first time, rather than just make do, and my work and attitude reflect this.

•  Taking delight in learning the inner workings of technology.

For me, Information Technology is a passion, not just a career. It's about the thrill of learning, of discovery, and of mastery. It's about understanding the big picture AND the finer details, and how it all fits together. It's about the joy of making technology work for the world, instead of against it.

•  Daring to dream of making the impossible happen.

I have the priviledge of living in an age when much of what used to be science fiction has become a fact of everyday life. I thrill at taking ideas from the realm of imagination into the light of reality. Information Technology is the tool I use to do this.

•  Hasta hablo español.

I'm functionally bilingual. This means that when I communicate in Spanish, I do not rely on English at all, even when dealing with new vocabulary and concepts. And vice versa with English. For that matter, I'm not just a bilingual, I'm a polyglot. I can speak a limited amount of French and Portuguese, and can read even more of both. Languages and Linguistics fascinate me, and I love opportunities to learn more.

•  I can make Information Technology work for you!

Whether you are considering hiring me for contracting or consulting, or as an employee, take a look at my Services and Skills/Experience pages, or at my résumé (you can download a copy, choosing from a few different common formats).

For information on how to contact me, click on the Contact link here or above.